Protection from Mud Fever

How to Use

Equine Mudguard

Apply Equine Mudguard to dry, clean legs before turnout. Rub liberally over pasterns, heels and fetlocks (you may need to go higher up the leg dependent on conditions). Although kind to skin, the Flowers of Sulphur in Equine Mudguard can tarnish jewellery; you may want to wear rubber gloves for application

When ready to re-apply wash off any residue with hot soapy water and re-apply once feet are dry.

At night, resist the temptation to wash your horse’s legs; put your horse to bed with dirty legs. Underneath the mud, is a nice greasy barrier; as the mud dries the majority will slip off during the night. The next morning you can turnout without having to re-apply.

An application of Equine Mudguard will last 2 to 3 days, dependent on conditions. In between applications mud will not adhere to the feet, once dry it will drop off the legs by itself. Equine Mudguard will not stain your horse’s feet.

If your horse is already suffering from being in wet and muddy conditions:

Apply to the infected area. You can, but there is no need to, pick off the scabs, they will soften and drop off as the area begins to dry up. You should see an improvement within 5 to 7 days.

Equine Mudguard contains Tea Tree Oil and Sublimed Sulphur, which may irritate sensitive skin. It is therefore advisable to do a skin test on your horse’s heels before applying to a wider area.